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Shaggy's making his transition to youtube.

2009-01-12 21:28:53 by GreenMapleClock

I've decided to start to make my move towards youtube so that I may do live action skits.

Here are my two most recent works.

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Good news guys!

2008-09-07 01:19:37 by GreenMapleClock

I've started work on GMS-8, if i work on it on my off time i should have it done in a couple days.

Also, I am currently starting work on my first ever music video, it's a song called Policeman Benz by Maximum the hormone, and should come out great.

Where I've been!

2008-08-15 00:55:13 by GreenMapleClock

Hello one and all, It is I, Green Maple Clock, back once again after a long stint of not really giving two shits about newgrounds. During my time away, I managed to do almost NOTHING!


now i know i said i would get GMS-8 out long before now, and eventually i decided I'd release it on clock day, but now, with just 7 minutes to go before clock day, I said FUCK IT!

I'm actually currently working on a project known as "The 125th", which is a halo 3 machinima. (for those of you who don't know, machinima is the art of using a video game to make a movie or a video)

I've finished the first script, have begun recording lines, and released two shorts onto youtube for you all to enjoy. My self, along with Velnor at Dark Federation hope to get the series up and running before too long. So I'll keep you guys posted.

I'll try to get GMS-8 released before to long, but no promises..

Where I've been!


2008-04-25 12:50:06 by GreenMapleClock

Yes it's about time for my first news post that has absolutely nothing to do with newgrounds or animation whatsoever!

Originally, i did not care for the Halo series. Halo: Combat evolved was fun for a while, but I guess my ass friends kinda made it tired for me. I mean, CTF and team slayer is fun for a while on blood gulch, but there's gotta be atleast 10 levels besides that one.

Halo 2 came out and I was pleasantly surprised. The levels were expansive, the story was fun to play, and the character customization got upped about 2x.
But again, to many games on Coagulation and Lockout made it really tired really quick.

But then, Here came Halo 3, which managed to combine the best attributes from the first two games into one Godly game. Honestly, it's one of my favorite FPS's I've ever played.
The ultra-enhanced character customization, I think, is what made it for me. While being able to make your spartan/elite look bad ass with enhancements like the ODST and Hayabasha armor permutations, with the added challenge of having to unlock everything, it really is a blast.

I don't even own a Xbox 360, and I got my friend to buy me a year long Xbox live membership just so i could play online and unlock more things.

If you guys haven't noticed, I'm a whore for unlockables, if the game has a lot of challenging unlockables, I will sit down and beat the crap out of it until I unlock every single one.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

Let's talk about the game some more.

I want to know your favorite aspects of the game, favorite game type, fav weapon, fav level, and fav character model.

For example,

I love Juggernaut, The Sniper Rifle is the best gun ever conceived, Last Resort is absolutely amazing, and You gotta rock the ODST charector model.

Also, if you guys have xbox live, hit me up

My Gamertag is GreenMapleClock
and I'd be more than happy to play with you guys.



2008-04-16 00:13:09 by GreenMapleClock

What started out as a short, 3 background, One Character project has now escalated into...let's see...6 backgrounds, 3 major charectors, and atleast 6 cameos that I have to animate as well.

This is turning out to be my largest, and probably longest project to date.

But all is going fairly well, all things considered. And I hope to have this done before the end of May.

Have no fear, GMS's-8 is on the way!

I'll keep you guys posted.

Any questions feel free to respond to this article or send them to my inbox.

Here's a clip from the first frame of the first scene of the animation.


Number 8 is on the way!

2008-04-03 21:12:36 by GreenMapleClock

Although technically my 9th passing flash, GMS's-8 is in production I got an idea from all these anti-spam zealots and decided i would make my own satirical animation.

Once again, I am working with Link Wapcaplet, to get my bg's done, and I promise this one to you within the near future

Number 8 is on the way!

Ok, I seem to be getting a lot of hate for that GG last flash video that Madness Gear submitted,

let me clear something up


that is all


2008-02-24 00:02:03 by GreenMapleClock

So Valentine's day has come and past...mine wasn't to spectacular, although the day after was great

As you can see, I managed to pull together a V-day collab. And as you may have seen from that flash as well as GMS-7, I am getting some bullshit with my sound

it's weird, they publish right, and every other flash on NG works fine, but for some fucking reason the sound is way off on my latest flash submissions.

Anyways, it's been fun guys, but unfortuneately I have a huge fucking project to do for school and I am not likely to be submitting any new flash in the near future. I'll inform you guys if something does come to me.


2008-02-01 22:41:55 by GreenMapleClock

Finished with Green Maple's Shorts-7

made it with a 2.94! Not to bad for my flashes.

Anyways thanks for your support guys

I'm going to be working with Hyashi, the brother of the guy who made my BG for number 7
check Link Wapcaplet out here

and hyashi here

But I have my next short planned, Ideally it should be longer than any of the other one's I've done so far.
But I Can't be assed to animate at this moment, so I'll leave you guys with a very big thank you, and this picture of Hyashi and me that he made.


Green Maple's Shorts-7

2008-01-28 19:38:08 by GreenMapleClock

well thanks to the support of some of you, I have been inspired to create Green Maple's Shorts-7. This one will introduce a new character for Green Maple's List of friends, Sam, The peggey.

now I know I said you would be in the next one, Chris, and I apologize, but I just couldn't see a place to put you in this one. maybe next time, all right?

Until then, I'll let you guys know when I finish this one

Green Maple's Shorts-7